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Technologically Advanced Gaskets with CNT-Slip Coat

CNT-Slip Coat gaskets in windows and doors has been improved by our Blue Ocean Team after 3 years of R&D work. 

In order to develop exceptional quality products, first, gasket related defects were carefully examined by Conta's technical team after comprehensive market research and later R&D and Tooling Team developed "Slip Coat Technology" which is registered in Turkish Patent Institute.

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We bought our first robot to improve our efficiency and safety during production.

We have started using robots for manufacturing which has improved our quality as well as production rate.

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We were at Plast Euro Asia Exhibiton

We were an exhibitor at Plast Eurasia Fair from 7th to 10th December. We got in touch with companies, which were related to our sector, from all over the world. It was an excellent opportunity for us to communicate with current as well as potential customers about our new innovative projects.

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Fenestration China 2016

Our Chinese subsidiary "Ningbo Conta Sealing" was an exhibitor at Fenestration China 2016 which was held in Beijing, China. During the exhibition, we presented our products and discussed partnership prospects with other Chinese companies.

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