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Aroco was established in 2007 as a supplier of hardware accessories & Gasket to the uPVC/Aluminum window, door & Profile manufacturers. We are an ISO compliant organization. Our Values and Approach to this industry stems from years of experience in the construction industry, production, marketing and e-commerce. Based on these strengths and our proven track record we strive to maintain our position as the preferred supplier to this industry.

Iran is home to one of the oldest permanent civilizations in the world with its history and existing settlements dating back to 4000 BC.  The capital city of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Tehran, the largest city, is an extremely busy city. 

The country is the center of education, economy, politics and industry. With the influence of the development in the oil industry, the city continues to grow economically and modernize rapidly.

 It has many architectural pieces adorned with magnificent palaces, rare museums, large squares, numerous parks and gardens, Tehran, Persian culture and art. 

While Northern Tehran is a symbol of its richness and modernity, Southern Tehran, which has an older past, has become the center of conservative religious life.

Aroco Samaneh

Warehouse Area : 750 square meters 
Number of Employees : 3

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Aroco Samaneh
D5. N0:2 Baharan Str,  Arteş Ave.  
+98 (21) 22468207


Global TPE Sealing Solutions

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